Midnight panic

Blog Post created by noetoez on Jul 25, 2020

I am officially 14 days nicotine free. I was feeling fantastic about it. Every day I'm still having cravings, but they were bearable. A ittle Vicks under my nose, some cold water to drink, good. And for the last 2 days thats how I felt. I even slept last night.


Now here we are. Midnight. Chest is tight again, anxiety level very high. Not feeling good. Not going to smoke about it, that would not help me. I am NOT tempted to get out of pjs and sneak to a gas station at midnight. That isn't my life. So I am left with my only other choice. The right choice. Feeling like this until it passes. I survived feeling like this for what seemed like the entire week last week.


Nothing I am trying is making me feel better right now. Breathing exercises, no, coloring, no, aromatherapy, no. I dont have a lemon to bite... but I did stick my head in the freezer. No. 


I know its a journey and not an event. I know its a roller coaster. Still is lame to feel like this again tonight.