Happy Tuesday

Blog Post created by noetoez on Jul 21, 2020

Today is going to be a good day. Today is my 11th day.


I did not sleep restfully last night. I was not consumed by thoughts of physical discomfort or anxiety like I had been last week. I will take that progress. I just could not shut off. Wondering if my dog had actually sustained an injury or was just being dramatic after scuffling with her larger brother. (side note, she is fine. She had a limp last night that lasted about 5 minutes) Wondering why the guy across the street would be sitting in his truck with the engine running. Wondering what the price of gas is, since money bags over there is just burning through it. "It's one a.m., go to sleep go to sleep, go to sleep, tell that to the guy outside who has been in his truck for 2 hours now!" etc, etc.


Grateful to be working at home this week. Stood in the kitchen with bed head and one eye open waiting for my coffee machine to give me life juice. 


Other then being sleepy and everything giving me heartburn, I actually feel pretty darn good today.