Craving right now

Blog Post created by noetoez on Jul 18, 2020

My last cigarette was July 10th. Today is July 18th. I made it through hell week. 


I think day 4 was the worst day. Every day since then has been a little better. A little easier.


Had a couple craving today. Earlier today I was watching TV, home by myself. The episode ended. Previously, that would have been would I would have "taken a break" to go outside and smoke. Today I made a sandwich and vacuumed my bedroom before the next episode. It worked, made it through easy peasy. 


This one right now. Less easy. Not sure why. The uncomfortable chest tightness is back. Tried a couple things to shift my focus. Nope, still mentally consumed. Could not distract myself.. So I blog instead. I know the feeling will be gone in a little while. I will not smoke. Not today. Not again. Smoking will not make this feeling better. No matter what the sh*tty committee in the back of my head tries to tell me.


Lord help me, I will get past this moment.