Getting somewhere

Blog Post created by noetoez on Jul 16, 2020

Dear Diary,


Today is day 6. 


I am afraid to jinx myself. But today I feel better. Still not great, but better. I'm a little weepy this morning. Not in a "I'm sad" way, more of a "why am I suddenly a giant softy tearing up at radio commercials" kind of way. But that is better than being ramped up to 11 like I have been a lot of this week. Could be mental exhaustion from being wound so tight. At least in this moment, I feel more peace than I have since right before the quit. 


My aromatherapy oils came yesterday. Surprised and confused me they came so quickly, but I am not about to complain about fast shipping. I don't have an oil diffuser or anything like that, but I read in a review somewhere someone was putting a couple drops on a cotton ball for aromatherapy. So I tried that. 3 drops of lavender and 1 of eucalyptus is MUCH stronger than expected, not sniffing the cotton ball directly ever again, do NOT recommend. Put the cotton ball in a red solo cup and social distanced from it. I think it helped. A full day later it's sitting on my work desk and it I can still smell it.


Finally threw away the half pack that I was holding onto for no reason too. Unceremoniously wrapped it up in a napkin and put it in someone else's waste basket at work. Didn't feel weird about it. Felt good to get rid of trash that was taking up space in my purse.