How Messy Is Your Table?

Blog Post created by nevergiveup on Sep 9, 2020

I struggle with Nicotine Addiction. I struggle with eliminating things that are not very good for me personally. Cigarettes are just one of them. Today should be my 4 DOF, but instead it's 1 DOF. Today has been great thus far. Not extremely productive and I haven't even walked the dog yet but it's okay. At least I'm not puffing away at least once an hour and it feels good. Really good!


I'm curious for those who wish to respond to How Messy Is Your Table blog about nothing more than your kitchen table. Growing up, our table was pretty much 'the hub' of happenings. Sometimes it would clutter (usually that was the case) and we'd just either clean it up or eat in the empty spot(s). Not good for the germ factor, I am sure. I pretty much continued that tradition although the pseudo-perfectionist in me likes to think otherwise. I'm just fooling myself most of the time.


Anyways, my half messy table as seen in this pic is pretty much a metaphor of my life and my journey right now, both as an EXer and just in general. Thankfully, there is always at least one or two clean spots available when needed. P.S. The little blondie is my grandson. I opted to watch him today so we've been kinda busy doing stuff that really matters.