Serious Business

Blog Post created by nevergiveup on Feb 25, 2020

Quitting smoking can be serious business in that one has a lot at stake if they continue puffing away. Happily, I am now on day 3 and overall, it is happily. Yeah, I've thought about smoking but I'm hanging onto distraction and about 20 chews on nicotine gum when needed to get me through for as long as it takes. One thing's for sure, the gum ain't 


And, yes, I am aware that the gum is addictive, too, but I am choosing to use it at this time because it's whatever works, gum is less harmful (in my opinion) than smoking and it's working. 


Not sure if this link will work, but a little humor for anyone interested.  Alecs Garcia - How to pop bubble wrap 101