Dear Monday...

Blog Post created by nevergiveup on Feb 10, 2020

...Knock It Off!


Listening to Nirvana this morning and trying to talk myself out 'things' so I don't obsess and dwell pretty much all dang day. Things tend to come in threes so I've always been told. 1. Email from my credit union 7:20ish - overdrew my account by 4 pennies. Lol Have to laugh despite what'll be 30 bucks later. 2. Call from chiropractor 7:45ish - missed my early morning appt. Second reason to chuckle although I love adjustments. Walking through the two-block wind tunnel from the parking lot to work... 3. Look down & I'm wearing brown shoes with black slacks. SMH.  I am so imperfect. Valuable, but still imperfect.  Hope some of you fellow EXers have your acts together much better than I this morning.