A Journey in Time

Blog Post created by mysecret1960 on Jan 19, 2020

So many people looking to embrace the crave. To use the energy it has over your thoughts, redirecting it to do some good in our lives. Day One... Not as bad as one might think if you consider the next few days. Without Day one though you can easily give in to them on the next quit. Without the slip you can't learn to be more careful. Day Two... Confused how to begin so you just push through it. Got some work done, Never snapped at anyone. Can this be real. Sure the thought of lighting up are there. Maybe one? Nope let's do this. Day three... Off to work. No bosses here. trying to look at my todo list. My reminders of why I want to quit. Nothing is helping. Made it till noon. I need help here. Sitting down at a local park. Reading plaques and pacing. Once in a while my mind is free of the urge but not for long. (Time stands still) I need to be better prepared. Let's try the cut down approach. Day one... from a pack to less than ten. Great, Day two... Three, I got this.. Day three, I looked forward to my slow down. Looked for help online. Put all my eggs in one basket. Hmmm. That didn't work. Let's try another. Let's see, Tried...Nicotine Gum, Mints, e cigs, patches, hypnotist (twice) Chantix, keep calm pills, exercise, ran for miles, closet smoking, cold turkey, rationing, education, therapy and pulled from 20 years of the quit to get to here. So I dwell on this Time. How much time I have spent in forty years making time to smoke. How much time I spent trying to quit.  Even invited those to tell me to suck it up. How can you expect this to be an easy road. Well I have that answer. A few years beck I was not able to smoke for a couple of weeks. No choice of the matter. Just a matter of fact. Guess what. No withdrawal.  None. Not even a hint. That time was out of my control yet it overcame my addiction like it never existed. The moment I was back in control of my own devices I lit up. Never even gave it a second thought. From there it became an addiction once again. Why dose time become your friend and enemy in so many ways. Why is it that when you quit time becomes a foe... Urges that won't leave you alone to go about your day to day routine. Many of us can go back in time and identify the source. This even becomes good therapy to enhance life choices. Advice can be played out like being around non smoking environments to create that (no choice) time we can relax without a craving. I found some. I leave this space I am in I can do with out. Left home today late and sometimes go home early for that relief of cravings. Success in part I suppose. Many stories here have mirrored my life. Loading up on smokes to go without. Or getting jumpy because it was time.  Not found out how to have a conversation here as of yet or if it even exist. However I intend to share my thoughts and successes with those that find a similarity in my Blog. Whether your one day in or a thousand. Slipped today or many times. If your here your on a road to success. Together perhaps we can find a better map, a better plan. Looking at time and how to embrace it.