Random Thoughts 4/29/2019

Blog Post created by mrios5776 on Apr 29, 2019

Random thoughts on a blue Monday. I come here to strengthen my quit. To learn from others as they promote their freedom from nicotine. I would have said cigarettes but from what I have read from other bloggers is that vaping is starting to become as dangerous as smoking. A discussion for another time.

 I have times where I need the strength and wisdom of others to N.O.P.E!!!!!!! This site has been a gift to me . This is my man cave if you will. My own personal village. I can come here and read what other people are going through. I can express feelings with no judgement or repercussions for what I am going through or my humble opinions. 

If I have learned any one thing from all the blogs on this site it is this; use your new found freedom to improve yourself a little each day. Small things. Saying good morning to someone. A smile. These are gifts which can be given freely and may not seem like much to you but could mean the world to the person you gift them to. Is this an improvement? To me it is a start.

Many people start smoking for different reasons. Many quit and quit again. For those who have tried and failed. I commend you for coming on here and admitting you failed! That takes some courage not all of us have. I have quit so many times I resigned myself I would be a smoker until I died. I got lucky and managed a quit I feel will be my forever quit. If you fail do not be afraid to admit you are a failure. I did not do that and I so wished I could have! I failed and disappeared from the blogs. I was so ashamed of myself. I spent my entire life trying and learning to be succesful it was difficult for me to admit failure. So I went underground, I stayed on ex but did not comment, I lurked, an electronic Quazimodo if you will. Reading and reading and learning a little some thing new in each and every blog and each and every person. So when I did quit it was with knowledge and resolve to not ever smoke again!