Smoking dream

Blog Post created by mpnaegle on Aug 13, 2020

I just woke up from this horrid dream.  For the first time since the early days of my quit I had a smoking dream:...i was a teenager in my old house, living with my parents, and I lit up in the living room in front of the tv set.  The smell and the taste absolutely revolted me!!!!  I immediately opened the windows of the room, then I smoked another one, and another one.  It was so gross.  I was relieved to wale up and realize it was an awful dream!!!!  Strange how the mind works.  In the throes of No Man’s Land, 70 days quit, and i have this strange dream!  There’s no way I’d want to be a teenager again, let alone smoke again!!!!!  Hopefully I can fall back asleep and have a normal dream lmao.  Ok just wanted to share.  See you all in the morning.  Love to everyone!!!!