12 Days

Blog Post created by mpnaegle on Sep 22, 2019

It has been such a lazy morning.  After working 18 days in a row with no break, i finally have a day off.  I am relaxing with my dog, resting, and getting ready for another week.  Thankfully my schedule this week is calmer so I won’t be so stressed out and busy.  I just have one double tomorrow (working both jobs) then the rest of the week I will just be working my office job.  I am keeping next weekend off because I have a dentist appointment on Saturday and I am going to be sore.  I will need time to recover from that for sure.


Life as a non-smoker has been good overall.  I don’t really miss them, cravings come once in a while but they don’t stay around usually.  Honestly I was so busy the last 2+ weeks I didn’t have time to pay them much mind.  Thankfully today I can just focus on pulling through this Sunday, rest and try to recuperate.  I am definitely not putting myself through that crazy schedule again.  I mean, I definitely have to make money but rest is also important.  I am grateful for so much today—better breathing and health, money in my pocket and more peace of mind.  It feels good to be free from that horrible addiction.  So onward and upward I go!  I hope everyone is having a great day!!!  XO