On Day 6

Blog Post created by mpnaegle on Sep 16, 2019

I worked all weekend so I am exhausted right now...between both of my jobs I haven’t had a day off since Labor Day.  But I am staying smoke-free despite the crazy schedule.  One thing that is different about this quit versus my last quit is that I am actively taking the cash that I would spend on cigarettes every day and putting it into a kitty for savings.  Thankfully I don’t have to use that money for other I am watching it grow every day. Cigarettes have gone up out here to almost $11.00 a pack!!!  So that savings will add up quickly.  Every moment that I am smoke-free I am grateful and I already feel 1000 times better since I put them down.  So other than being completely exhausted from working so much lately, I am feeling good.  Life is great overall.