85 days and I broke on through to the other side

Blog Post created by mpnaegle on Jul 3, 2019

85 days.  I can’t believe I’m still kicking. 85 crazy, chaotic and as of late, serene days. It really does get better, newbies.  It really is worth it and you will make it.  If I could give them up, I know you can, too.


There were some rough times, and I imagine there still will be rough times, I’m not going to sugar coat.  But now that I’ve gotten to nearly 3 months of freedom, I feel like the tide has changed...for the better.  Life is always going to be tricky and precarious.  But it’s so much better not having to have a cigarette to cope.  The coping is inside. It’s inside.  Newbies—you’ll find the strength.  And you’ll figure out soooo much more about yourself than you realized was possible.  I promise you.  It gets better.  Love to everyone and thank you for being here.  XO