Trying to stay positive today

Blog Post created by mpnaegle on May 29, 2019

Everything is setting me off today.  I came in to work in a happy, positive mood but so far the day has been completely chaotic.  I’m not going to smoke but it’s like my fuse is so so short.  This isn’t like me but honestly today is just rubbing me all sorts of wrong.  I’m trying to smile, but right now I want to kick a hole in the wall.  I hope this passes soon because I’ve got another 6 hours of work to go.  I’m on a 10-minute break right now so I’m just gonna blog and breathe.  People are just irritating me today.  


Good times on my 50th day.  50 days of freedom.  Honestly I thought things would get better, and for the most part they have.  But then I get these crazy mood swings when life gets crazy.  I’ll just keep breathing and hope it all passes.