35 days of freedom

Blog Post created by mpnaegle on May 14, 2019

Today has been a good day.  After a horrific, rocky day yesterday I feel like I'm in a good groove.  I'm finally breathing a bit easier and the tension and anger I felt yesterday is gone.  No Man's Land has been a slippery slope so far, but I hope that the bad times become fewer and further between over the next several weeks.  And in 7 days I can step down on the patch to 14 mg/day.  Thankfully, the patch and Wellbutrin are working really well for me this quit.  I got through the first couple weeks of physical withdrawals relatively pain-free, now it's just the psychological craves that hit once in a while.  That nasty voice inside my head that whispers, "you can have just one..." every so often.  Fortunately I'm able to quash it once those craves when they come.  I'm going to take my friend out for her birthday tonight...and she likes to drink.  But I'm going to stick to water, I don't want to lose this quit for anything.  I've given up drinking, in fact, for the next 6 months or so...until this quit is well under way.  Booze is too tempting for me to want to light up, the two go hand in hand it seems. 


Here's to health, to freedom.  To a good life without that annoying urge to constantly want to light up.  To healthy lungs, clearer, younger looking skin, to a healthier appetite...that I have to curb LOL.  Here's to falling asleep soundly at night, and waking up refreshed and happy.  Here's to more even emotions; here's to turning 44 in the summer, not wanting to harm my body any further with that poison.  There's a lot to be happy for with this freedom.  I'm not taking any of it for granted, ever again.  Thank you to everyone who is here, who has watched me stumble, pick myself up, and soldier through the bad times, and who cheers with me through all of the good times.  Thank you.  Hugs and I hope you're all having a great day.  To freedom!  XO Mark