34 Days

Blog Post created by mpnaegle on May 13, 2019

Well, I tried to be positive, but I had a lousy day today.  I didn’t sleep great last night, was a few minutes late to work, and work—it was nonstop for 7 hours.  Phones ringing off the hook, children were wild and unruly, and I had a massive massive headache.  I pulled through the best I could, and when it was 5:30 I clocked out and ran out of there.  But now I’m home, and I just had a good dinner (grilled seasoned sirloin steak and a nice salad and a couple slices of Italian bread).  I’m so, so so relieved that I’m done for the day.  I think I only got maybe 4 hours of sleep this morning.  So after this episode of Jeopardy, I’m going to take a hot shower, curl up in bed, and crash.  I am relieved that I didn’t smoke, but I’m not going to lie—today sucked.  But in 3 hours I’ll have made it 35 days.  I’m so so glad that I’m doing ok despite the stress that keeps hitting.  I will go to bed soon and forget about this entire wretched day.  And hopefully I’ll wake up early tomorrow, go for a jog, and start anew.  Love to everyone, thank you for reading and I hope you’re all having a great night.   XO Mark