28 Days and right on track

Blog Post created by mpnaegle on May 7, 2019

After a good night’s sleep, some time to reflect before work this morning, and some inner resolve, today has been good.  Yesterday was tough because of my quit, but also because I’ve started cutting way back on caffeine.  So I was extra edgy.  Today, I’m still cutting back, but am not cutting it off as drastically as I tried to do yesterday.  I just want to stop drinking so much soda, especially Diet Coke as the fake sugars and sweeteners are not good for my health.  So I’ve cut back to just one/day and replaced the rest of what I would have drank with water and an occasional gator-ade.  Hopefully my body will adjust.  Today is going to be a long day...8 hours at the office, then 6 hours tonight at a catering job.  So I’m in for a long ride.  But I’ll survive and my wallet will thank me in a couple weeks for the extra money.  So I’ll be ok.  I guess you have to put up with the rain to get the rainbow.  Have a great day everyone.  Hugs, Mark