Almost through Heck Week lol

Blog Post created by mpnaegle on Apr 23, 2019

Despite still not feeling great physically, I’ve made it 14 days!!!!!  I’m not going to lie—there were some moments that were challenging.  Anger, frustration, depression, sadness...but I won’t give up.  My health is my main priority.  Gonna keep fighting the good fight.  And onward I trudge.  I definitely couldn’t have come this far without the love and support I’ve gotten from this website.  For all of you who have cheered me on even when I felt like giving up, I thank you.  I can honestly say after two weeks, life is much better without cigarettes.  Thank God for the patch, Wellbutrin, and pure will power.  I’m going to definitely stay close to this site and will keep blogging, even at my worst moments.  Thank you everyone!!!  Hugs, Mark