Quitter’s Flu or Actual Flu

Blog Post created by mpnaegle on Apr 21, 2019

Today was challenging.  I woke up after not sleeping very good last night, my back was terribly sore.  It’s been happening more frequently lately, so I’m going to make a doctor’s appointment hopefully soon.  I went to my sister’s house for Easter, and as the day went on I felt more and more sick—sore throat, stuffy nose, nagging cough that worsened my back pain, and just general fatigue.  But I was a trooper.  I left and drove back to my house and stopped at a drug store and got Tylenol extra strength-sore muscles and aches.  I popped a couple and after the last 2 hours I definitely feel more comfortable.  I just hope the pain doesn’t come back in the morning.  I feel like I’m sick,  I’ve heard there’s such a thing as quitter’s Flu so I’m hoping that’s all this is and it’ll pass.  But I didn’t smoke.  I just carried through the day, and beared with the pain around my 6 shrieking nieces.    And in an hour and 10 minutes I’ll have made it 13 days.  I will probably pass out soon, but wanted to see if anyone else has experienced the quitter’s Flu.  Good night and hugs to everyone.  XO