Blog Post created by mpnaegle on Apr 13, 2019

Tonight I experienced my first bout of what I call “nic-Fit rage.”  I ordered Chinese food for dinner for 3:40 PM local time.  It was supposed to be delivered about 40 minutes later...well, I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  It finally got to my house at 5:38 PM, nearly 2 hours later.  I was furious.  I screamed, threw a plate against the wall.  My poor dog hid under my bed.  I was polite but short with the driver, and needless to say he got no tip.  So I broke a plate and probably freaked neighboring tenants out.  Not to mention my poor dachshund/chihuahua who finally came and sat by me about 5 minutes after my fit.  After all, he wanted some food too lol.


But, I did not smoke.  But I was mad enough to want to.  But I didn’t.  I calmed down, ate my food, and am now trying to get my inner calm.  It’s the first real anger I’ve experienced in about 3 weeks, and definitely the first since I quit.  I’ll be ok now.  Just going to watch some tv, and go to bed early tonight.  In less than 4 hours I will have made it 5 days.  So it’ll be ok.  5 days, $50.00 saved.  God help me.  XO Mark