Almost 3 days

Blog Post created by mpnaegle on Apr 11, 2019

Well, I’ve made it nearly 3 days smoke-free.  Today was easier than yesterday.  Had a couple passing thoughts about smoking but no bad cravings.  I also found that taking walks on my breaks at work helped clear my mind.  And distracted me.  Tonight I was at the laundromat, and suddenly I reached into my pocket for the pack of cigarettes that wasn’t there...I was bored, and thinking ‘what could I do to pass the time?’  Thankfully they weren’t there, and I didn’t go looking for them at the neighboring 7-11.  So I pulled through.  At 10:00 PM PST, I’ll have made it 3 days!!!!!  $30.00 already saved, and I’m gonna keep going.  Have a good night everyone!!!!