Nearly two days down

Blog Post created by mpnaegle on Apr 10, 2019

t 10:00 PM Pacific time I’ll have made it two days without smoking.  Today was challenging.  I spent most of the day quiet, and was trying to hide my irritability from co-workers.  I did ok for the most part.  Then I came home, watched TV with my dog, and a raging headache started.  It hurts to blink right now, plus I’m really exhausted.  So after I finish this blog post, I’m going to sleep.  


I’m taking the money I’m not spending on smoking and putting it aside.  Once I have $100.00 saved, it’ll go into a savings account.  Every day I spent about $10.00 on cigarettes so it’ll add up quickly.  And I’ll just keep putting aside the money, and depositing it when it adds up to $100 every ten days.  


I am glad I am here.  Hopefully the irritability and moodiness, headaches and fatigue will go away soon.  I’ll be sure to post in the daily pledge and blog posts such as this.  Now it’s lights out.  Night night.  XO Mark