57 days, $100.00 in my non-smoking kitty...

Blog Post created by mpnaegle on Jul 26, 2018

Well, I’m now 57 (close to 58) days smoke-free.  Life has been challenging as usual.  I had to pay state IRS back taxes I owed, so there goes most of my non-smoking savings.  But hey, it’s money and the taxes had to be paid.  Other than usual challenges I’m feeling pretty good.  Still not working at a full time job but it’ll happen soon.  Not stressing about anything really.  I do keep having dreams where I break my quit and end up smoking.  But thankfully it’s only in dreams.  I feel pretty strong in my quit.  And soon I’ll be halfway through no mans land and hopefully it won’t feel so lonely.  Every minute I stay smoke-free is another minute of life I’ve gained away from that terrible addiction.  Just gotta keep going.