Blog Post created by mpnaegle on Jul 11, 2018

I can’t sleep.  Too much going on in my head, the chimps are debating.  I’ve had too much free time on my hands lately too.  But I’m not smoking, thank the gods and goddesses.  Just general unemployment angst.  It’ll pass.  I hope I can get back to a “normal” sleep pattern soon.  No man’s land feels like a lonely place sometimes too.  I mean here on the site there is tons of support but in the real world...I don’t have much.  Most people close to me didn’t know I smoked so they have no idea that I quit.  I’m grateful for this site, because you all have either been where I am or soon will be.     Kindred spirits in this journey.  


Hopefully the chimps have stopped debating and I can reclaim some sleep.  Thanks for listening and for being here.  I’ll try to write more later at a more godly time lol.