40 Days

Blog Post created by mpnaegle on Jul 9, 2018

I’m now 40 days smoke-free.  I’ll be honest—the past few days have not been easy.  Between unemployment, this god-awful heatwave that has hit LA, and just general anxiety I’ve felt like giving up many times.  In fact, I keep having dreams that I’ve thrown in the towel and started up.  But no matter how hard life gets (and believe me, it’s put me to the test lately), I won’t give up.  Life is just going to continue.  I’ve got to make the best out of this whole situation, keep looking for jobs, keep pushing through the days, and keep not smoking.  I’m proud to say that no matter what, life without cigarettes is so, so much better.  I’ve saved $400.00 from not smoking these past 40 days, and I feel a thousand times better physically from not smoking.  I’m holding tight to this quit!!!!!!