Halfway to 28 days!!!!!!!  Back in LA

Blog Post created by mpnaegle on Jun 26, 2018

Hi everyone.  As of tonight at 11:00 PM PST, I will have made it 28 glorious smoke-free days.  I honestly wasn't sure I'd make it this far when I first started this quit journey.  But I made it through a vacation in smoke-filled Italy unscathed, so I know I can get through just about any test now--including an uncertain employment future in a few days.  (My fulltime job ends on Thursday, and I don't have any definite prospects as of yet, despite many interviews.)  My advice to all the newbies just starting out...HANG IN THERE.  The first 24 hours are Hell, the first 3 days are hard...but with each moment you spend smoke-free, your quit will grow and you will get stronger.  Come to this site, post often, and read and research as much as you can.  I promise you, it will get easier.  Lean on everyone here for support as much as you need to.  It is so worth it.


Mark 27 DOF