Day 25, in Rome

Blog Post created by mpnaegle on Jun 23, 2018

At 8:00 AM local time (11:00 PM PST) I will have made it 25 days.  It has been easier than I thought to stay smoke-free since I’ve been on vacation here.  I see people smoking here (lots and lots of people) but I have zero cravings, passing thoughts occasionally but they’re fewer and farther between than before.  I fly back to LA in a few hours, and I feel good.  this vacation has been amazing but like all things in life, it must come to an end.  Back to reality and an uncertain employmeny future.  But one thing is for sure—I have no desire to go back to smoking.  So even if I’m unemployed for a while, I’ll do so smoke-free.  It’s 2:00 AM local Italy time so I’m going to try to sleep for a few hours.  Good night all ye EXers!!!!