On my 10th day

Blog Post created by mpnaegle on Jun 8, 2018

As of tonight at 11:00 PM PST I'll have made it 10 full days of smoke-freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I feel really good today.  Woke up late, again (I keep oversleeping LOL), put on a new patch, made it into work (fortunately my boss isn't here today so he doesn't know that I was late LOL) and am conquering the day.  I ran out of patches so I had to run to the CVS and buy a new pack, then walked back to the office and enjoyed the warm sunny day.  I even passed a smoker, and when I smelled the smoke it was disgusting.    Honestly have zero desire to smoke today.  Today's a long day, I'm working my part time job tonight but I feel great..  Hope everyone is having a great day!!!!!!