day 17 of being smoke free

Blog Post created by monikablazejewska on Feb 28, 2018

hey y'all!

I had a problem with weight gain for some days and I could not control my appetite (or so I thought) while not smoking.

so..I started thinking of going back to cigarettes as an "easy" way out of that situation, but....

well I didn't come back to smoking!!

I decided I am not gonna just give up all progress I made, and instead of picking up a pack of cigarettes, i picked up water bottle and some dumbbells! and the weight which i gained ( i dont know if it was water weight or somethin, but it came off really quick ) started melting off, i only gained like 2-3kilos since quitting and already lost that plus another 1kilo additionaly down with working out, minding what I eat somewhat, and hydrating my body well....and everyone seems to think/say around me that weight gain is just a undeniable part of quitting, anf stuff like that, well maybe it really isn't?

maybe it just depends on how I approach this!

I'm hopeful AGAIN that I can stay smoke free, the weight gain was a huge no no for me, and it was one of the reasons why I avoided quitting for a long ass time, but seems to be working out now.

also....I wanna mention a thing, so I had to book a flight today, the flight is to another country on another continent and I was collecting money for it for few months now, so I was really hype about it, but then while booking was already done, there was some problem with spelling of my name : which potentially could cause problems, anyways....i resolved it, and spoke to the airlines and all that good sh*t BUT

i controlled my urge to smoke, and it feels like such an achievement for me, because I ALWAYS smoked when i was nervous/panicky sooo I am really proud of this.


hmm...I think thats all!


sending positive NOn smokin vibes Your way all you beautiful people haha ✓✓


until next post! byee