Help! First craving alone

Blog Post created by mnicolee1 on Feb 26, 2019

Today is the first day I’m home alone. Hubs is at work, oldest 2 at school and here I sit going back and forth in my head with this craving. I didn’t feel tempted over the weekend. Maybe because I felt stronger and wanted to prove I could do it but I don’t feel so strong now. It almost scares me that I’ll try to talk myself into giving in. I’m scared to go and check to make sure all the butts are thrown out bc I’ll tell myself just one puff won’t hurt. My heart is racing, my mind is foggy. I feel like I kicked myself in the butt for how “easy” it felt the other day. I’m stronger than this right? What consumes your mind controls your life! This doesn’t control me! I’ll keep talking myself down until I can go check and throw the butts out before I’m tempted again