I am going to miss you very much

Blog Post created by mivida2018 on Apr 24, 2018

Sharing the story of my sister life journey  struggling to stop Smoking in spite of all the Doctors advise. unfortunately  she could never stop. Her addiction was stronger then her Life. She is in support life. I still remember when we used to smoke together. I remember that it was so easy to say let's go for smoke and we did   for more then  40 years.  One day for many reasons  including my sister's health and her  struggles to stop smoking make me realized that I need it to stop and I did I had my own reasons too why I had to stop. .  On the 25th of May 2018 it will be 6 months since I had my last smoke and I did it cold turkey. Each individual journeys of  Freedom from  smoking  is different   the  process  or challenge are worse for some than other.The human mind is the most complex tool we own and can either be our biggest ally or worst enemy. Now I have to live with  the memory of my sisters struggles on Saturday she will be disconnected from Life Support and the Last  word and will is on Higher Power but is a learning lesson and I  will be  consistently reminded to embrace the   new opportunity to a second chance of life . No matter how much I may stumble on this journey. Good Luck to all of you. And sister I am going to miss you very much Thank you for all the good times.