Hi I can believe is going to be 5 months since I quit smoking.

Blog Post created by mivida2018 on Mar 21, 2018

I can believe is been 5 months since I quit smoking. My mother  died on March 4th 2018  and I thought I was going to relapse.

But guess what I didn't I am so happy. I was strong to say I don't smoke any more I don't want one. My sister has COPD

and she has been several times at the Hospital almost about to die and she hasn't stop smoking for good. She smokes from two to 3 cigarettes a day but she can not stop o she doesn't want to stop she used to smoke 2 packs a day. I smoke for 43 years one pack in  4 days. But is not  an excuse an addiction is an addiction. I hope one day she stops. But for now I am keeping my goal never take another puff again. Living with the cravings is hard sometimes very hard, but we are not alone. With the help of Higher Power we can do it. I found a  support group trough my church call CR Celebrate Recovery. I thought  that program was only available at my church but  is available  and many other churches. The program help me and is helping me a lot as a support group I hope this will  encourage others like me to stay Free from smoking.

Celebrate Recovery meetings? can be found on the internet. Good luck to all of you that are or want to Quit.