8 Days!

Blog Post created by missellen on Dec 5, 2018

I'm about an hour and a half into my 8th dof.  I did my pre-employment drug test on Monday morning.  At that point, I had been nicotine free for 5.5 days.  Everything i've read online says cotinine is out of urine by 3-4 days. So, fingers crossed.

Hell week was, somewhat hellish, but not unbearably so, surprisingly.  I find I crave more the longer I go, which isn't all that unusual, I guess.  

So, I'm just waiting on results, which has me nervous. I haven't even resigned from my current job yet, because I'm afraid I will, then the new job will come back with a, "sorry, you flunked, no job for you". Ugh.  But, I have to resign this week in order to provide them enough notice before the new gig starts on 1/2.