Day 17!

Blog Post created by missellen on Apr 23, 2018

Finally made it past the two week mark--whoo hoo!  I've been really busy with work and family stuff the last week, but I've still been reading the boards.  

I feel pretty good about making it to my 17th day.  I'm still a bit foggy and I'm still having cravings, of course, but so far, they are manageable.  I didn't know I could eat so many life savers!

We finally had some decent weather this weekend.  i cleaned up our patio--washed the furniture, swept, cleaned the windows, etc.  I sat outside for a while and talked on the phone--sitting outside on the patio, on the phone has ALWAYS been something I've done with a smoke.  It was weird to do it without one, but weird in a good way.  I went back out again last night and just sat enjoying the stars, the fresh air, the deer in the yard, etc.  It felt nice and clean all the way around.

I'm not thrilled with the weight (re)gain, but what can you do?  I've been lazy about the gym--only went 3 times in the last two weeks. But, I've made myself a schedule for the coming weeks.  Hopefully I'll stick to it--it does make me feel so much better--especially the yoga.

Anyway, as always, thanks for the support. To paraphrase Chuck, onward and upward!