I'm a Planner

Blog Post created by missellen on Mar 23, 2018

I like to plan things and people who don't plan irritate me, read: my husband and his family! LOL.  They are last minute planners.  "Oh, it's November 21st?  Isn't Thanksgiving this week?  Who's making what?"  ARGH!  Drives me nutso.  


At any rate, as much as I am a planner at heart, I didn't plan for everything I needed to with respect to my quit, so I'm taking care of that today--better late than never.  I've been kind of catch as catch can regarding going to the gym, even though I know it makes me feel so much better to go. I've also been having a free-for-all with my diet--carbs and sweets have pretty much been the menu for the last couple of weeks and that's got to go.


So, this morning, I made a list (I'm a list-maker, too--I'm a lot of fun at parties, trust me) and a menu for the next week. I went to the store and bought everything I needed to get back to cooking healthy meals regularly.  I consulted the gym's yoga and aquatic schedules and already blocked off the time on my calendar to go to yoga every Thursday morning, gentle aquatics every Friday morning and to walk/jog every Monday and Wednesday morning.  That is a lot for me and I may not make every single class (depends on work needs), but it's what I'm shooting for.


My inner control-freak feels a little more at peace right now.  Phew!