48 Hours

Blog Post created by missellen on Mar 20, 2018



Man, yesterday was a complete blur.  Aside from making some soup for dinner before I left for work, I can barely remember what I did--or rather, didn't do.  Good thing I'm tucked away here at the office so no one noticed me not doing any work!  


After I got home, I laid around, sort of napped, mostly tossed and turned, tried to read, was crabby, ate two Oreo Klondike bars (um, delicious!), snuggled with the pups, took a sleeping pill and went to bed.


Today, I awoke with some much-needed energy.  Cleaned the kitchen, played with the pups, went to the gym and walked 2.5 miles and I jogged 3 laps around the track without passing out. Yay!  


I have a jug of water next to  me, my lemon wedge, some fruit and thanks to the gym, a nice little endorphin rush. I'm still feeling a little foggy and I know I will again, but goodness what an improvement over yesterday.


Have a good, smoke-free day everyone. I'm going to do everything I can to ensure I have the same.