Feeling like I just quit

Blog Post created by missellen on Mar 14, 2018

Day 11. Why does it feel like the beginning again?  I know this is to be expected, but it was still a little disheartening to wake up wanting a cigarette this morning.  I hate that it is still occupying so many of my thoughts. I keep waiting for the day to arrive when I won't think about smoking at all.  But, again, I know this is still early days and after a 30+ year habit/addiction, those thoughts and cravings aren't going to magically disappear in under two weeks!


My food cravings are getting on my nerves too.  It's like I can't get enough sugar or cheese.  If I could eat grilled cheese and chocolate all day long, I might feel better! LOL.  But, that is just trading one thing for another. I said I'd give myself two weeks of a food free-for-all and I've been going to town, but that has to be wrapping up here in the next couple of days.


On the positive side, when I went to the gym yesterday, I actually jogged!  I think the last time I jogged I was in Jr. High School and had to run a mile for the Presidential Fitness Test (do they still do those??).  I hated those tests--the sit-ups, pull-ups, relays and the dreaded mile.  The mile always ended the same way for me: a stitch in my side, sore ankles, last place and tears. I would've much rather been curled up with a book somewhere.  Needless to say, not the most physical person that's ever lived.  At any rate, in total, I walked 2.5 miles and of those 25 laps around the track, I jogged 3 of them. I realize that doesn't sound like much, but I was pretty pleased with myself. Tomorrow I'm going to try and increase it to 4, maybe even 5! Whoo.