Still Hanging On

Blog Post created by missellen on Mar 7, 2018

So, here I am somewhere in day 4.  It's funny, but it is usually about this time in a quit, that I buy a pack of cigarettes and get back to smoking. AFTER the nicotine is purportedly out of my system.  It's like a little game I play with myself--"See, I can quit. I can EASILY go those three days of withdrawal, so I'll be able to do it again when I quit FOR REAL".  Funny what you'll try to convince yourself of in order to give in to that temptation.


Still fatigued and ready for a nap.  I have to get through two more meetings without falling asleep and I should be good to go.


Still emotional. I heard, "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" this morning and had a cry.  That song always makes me misty anyway (I am a sap, by the way), but this morning it was more than misty.  It was like the gales of November were streaming down my face!


The weight gain is in effect now, too. I've gained three pounds in three days.  Super. However, I made allowances for that. I've opted to eat what I want the first 1-2 weeks, knowing there will be some weight gain.  If I keep up with the gym, and there is no reason I shouldn't, I think the gain will ultimately be slight and manageable.   So, on that note, it's eggplant parm with french fries (AND a salad--I'm not a barbarian) for dinner. Whoo!   And, I will likely throw all caution to the wind and top it off with chocolate peanut butter ice cream.  Someone needs a crutch and that someone is me.


Anyway, a little rocky today, but also a little better.