I'm Published!! (sort of)

Blog Post created by minihorses on Nov 24, 2020

I read the local news on their website and we have a banner on top of the front 'page' called the Coronavirus Dashboard. It shows tests, positive results, hospitalizations, and deaths each day for both our state and the US.  States across America now have access to enumerable tests so the numbers of positive cases are obviously going to rise. But on the lighter side, there are by far more negative results.  A couple of months ago I had a question concerning negative tests. Isn't a negative test result valid only at the time of the test?  After that result the person could come into contact with and be infected by someone that had COVID and showed little or no symptoms. The person with COVID may have even had a negative test result in the past.  I wondered why this had not been addressed and not shared with the public. Maybe it would be beneficial in trying to curb the spread and get more people to continue the prevention steps of wearing masks, washing hands, using sanitizer, social distancing, and gathering restrictions. A negative test is not a free pass from the pandemic.


I posed that question to the editor of the local news and their reply was that either they or possibly a sister company would review my post and if published, would be the owner of the editors. I didn't care, I just thought it was something that needed to be looked into.  I forgot all about it after that.  Fast forward to today when to my surprise there was an article on my local news site taken from the New York Times about just that. I had to laugh because I never thought I'd be taken seriously! So I'm now 'published' (not really).  If you want to read the article I have the link posted below.


no a negative coronavirus test does not mean you can safely socialize