A Good And Sad Day

Blog Post created by minihorses on Aug 11, 2020

I love animals. ALL animals. I owned a snake for god's sake. We have 4 cats, my mini horse, and ducks. Some of them hand raised. I've rescued just about every major animal types over the years. They seem to seek me and the house because they seem to know we're able to take care of them. We usually do the medical and then call the rescue organizations or wildlife rehab (we've rescued a baby blue bird, a baby opossum, a bat, a black snake from a parking area at a grocery store that I took home with me , ducks, etc.)

Last night I went out to the garage about 10 pm to lock up the back door. When I stepped down on the landing I find a straggly, emaciated orange tabby cat.  It was in horrible shape; it was literally skeletal and shaking to stand up, it's eyes were milky, ear mites in one ear, filthy. How it made it up the 4 steps into the garage and 2 more to get to the landing where I found a mystery. We got him food, water, and a litterbox set up, spent a little time checking it out, and then went to bed. This morning I was actually surprised that it made it through the night. I tried to give it food on a spoon again but just one lick is all it would eat. All the rescue orgs were full. I called my vet, explained the situation and he said to be there at 2 pm. We've been clients for over 20 years so he was willing to do everything with a very minimal cost or even free. It didn't take long before I got his call and of course it was so bad there was really no saving it.  I agreed to put it out of misery and euthanize it. I would never make an animal suffer.

So on my 700th day of freedom I had to give a soul it's first day free of pain. I'm glad it showed up here and got some love before it died. May it rest in peace.