Fun Tomorrow Then No Fun

Blog Post created by minihorses on Nov 21, 2019

Tomorrow my husband, youngest son and I are going to a heavy metal concert. There will be 4 bands but the headliner is Five Finger Death Punch.  Although my youngest son and I went to their concert last year, my husband has only seen them once at an outdoor music festival where they only have 30 minutes to play.  That's the fun.


The no fun is that I am having surgery Tuesday to fix a majorly torn rotator cuff and a torn bicep tendon. Three months of rehab will follow.   I scheduled it so my husband only had to take Tuesday and Wednesday off as he has Thanksgiving and the day after as holidays and he's home on weekends most times. Unfortunately the only family is the four of us but luckily my 2 adult sons still live at home. For the first time ever a surgery is scaring me.  I had my left knee done 4 years ago as I had torn a ligament so badly it had to be fully replaced and it never came back 100%.  This surgery is on my right shoulder and I'm right handed.  I'm trying to practice using my left hand but the only thing my left hand could do well was catch things.  I'm actually more afraid of this surgery than I was when I decided to quit smoking.  I'm going to do my best and employ some of the tools I used while I was in the throws of the beginning months of my quit. 


The guys are going to cook Thanksgiving dinner which really isn't hard to do it's just timing everything correctly.  I'm going to make the pies Monday. I put together a "Dinners For Dummies" list with some instructions on it for things my sons don't know how to do (yet). 


Again, like quitting smoking there is a basic plan that can be flexible as needed.  It was really important when I quit.  I'm really glad I'm not smoking. After my knee surgery I was smoking on the way home. I still went to the garage to smoke the whole time after I got home.  Now that I don't smoke I'm hoping I will heal better since blood flow is better without nicotine.


But first the fun and I plan on enjoying the heck out of this concert even if I can't head bang. I'll just do it in my mind! I'll still throw my horns, just left handed. I will be posting pictures because I know a few of you are fans. Rock On!