Successful Stray Kitten Return

Blog Post created by minihorses on Jun 25, 2019

If it lives and breathes and needs help, we rescue it. Pet, wild animal, whatever unless it's a potential harm (or venomous).  It's been a relatively quiet summer so far for rescues.  A few squirrels, birds, mole, rabbits, a dog.  Last Saturday we had an itty-bitty orange tabby kitty run up to my husband while we were outside chatting with our neighbor across the street.  It looked like it was about 8 - 10 weeks, limping on a back leg, a bit scrawny, covered in fleas and ear mites.  Typical of an animal that has been feral for a while.  I wanted to keep it.  I lost my beautiful long hair orange tabby 5 years ago.  Right now I have 4 cats but our oldest is 14 with thyroid issues so my mind went straight to the "well if it grows up with the others..."  Then we checked the sex and it was a girl.  All 4 of my cats are male.  I just don't want to bring that possible monkey wrench into that equation.  

So we took her in the garage with us, fed her, I got her bathed and hair dried. She loved the hair drier because I have a diffuser on it. I got the dead fleas off.  I put a touch of 91% (high test) rubbing alcohol on cotton swabs to clean out her ears. Then mineral oil on a swab for each ear and no more mites.  Lots of love and food and a soft bed and she was looking great. The found sign we hung on the mailbox actually worked for once.  I got a call yesterday morning from a lady near the end of our street saying that it was one of hers from a lost litter.  They were 8 weeks and they think the litter (except one) escaped by climbing under the bumper where there is a ramp on her husband's work truck and when they got to the stop sign at our end of the street that they probably all bailed out.  That was last Wednesday.  She's still missing three but she showed me the picture so we'll keep an eye out for them. They were so young I'm not holding out much hope but you never know.  

Now that's what I call a perfect rescue.  Thank you Lord God for allowing me to save another animal's life!