Blog Post created by minihorses on Oct 12, 2018

Today I hit 30 days of freedom from smoking.  I remember last fall when I started into NML. I was so proud of myself! I was sure I'd broken the ties with my demon permanently.  Well here I am again, just starting into no-mans land. This time I come in with a fire in my heart, guns a blazing and a lot of lessons learned.  Somehow it feels different this time going into NML.  I am stronger, my eyes have been opened a lot wider, and I feel it deep in my soul to stay smoke free. There will be no third time just starting into nml.  I despise smoking and even the thought of lighting up makes me feel sick physically. Weird? I don't know and don't care exactly why, I'm weird anyway as most of you know  Hey, I'm in my 50's and have purple hair if that tells you anything. I have such a passion to kill the guide wires leading to the spider (nicotine) that I didn't see and burn last time. Then I'll crush that insect under a boulder. Many thanks go to all of you who hold my hand once again as I go through the process and continuing days of a being an EX-smoker!



30 Days as an ex-smoker. 

Another day WON never another day ONE