Damn Murphy!

Blog Post created by minihorses on Mar 27, 2018

Well, this morning has been painful.  Physically more than emotionally but I'm not sure which is worse sometimes.  I had gotten up about 3 a.m. yet again grrrr!  I made myself a vat of cappuccino which I thoroughly enjoyed every drop.  About 8:30 this morning I decided there was too much blood in my caffeine system and I really needed at least a cup of regular coffee.  My husband has an off-brand, little k-cup type coffee maker.  He buys coffee appropriately labeled as 'Rocket Fuel'.  Dark, bold, and extra caffeinated.  YEP that's what I wanted.  So I made a cup but I must have put in a small amount more than a mug size of water.  Not sure how because I always put the water in the mug first to make sure there's room for a little bit of creamer, pour that water into a measuring cup because it has a pour spout and put the water in machine.  Mug goes on and machine makes lifeblood.  


What I failed to recognize was that my entire right arm was still numb.  When I grabbed the coffee mug my right hand I apparently didn't have a good grip, my hand opened up and I splashed boiling hot coffee all over my legs and the kitchen floor.  Thighs are burnt with first degree and a few patches of second degree burns. 


I have a lot of neck and back problems but for the last few months I don't sleep well and by about 2 a.m. my entire right side hurts and my right arm is numb I sleep on my left side so I don't know why it's the right side that is so painful and numb.  My guess is because I sleep in the living room on a hard futon couch that I bought right before Christmas, but without the back folded down.  My husband has the queen bed in the bedroom. 


Mr. Murphy and his law "that anything that can go wrong will go wrong" can move out of my house any time now!  He's lived with us forever and I'm sick of him laying in wait for us to do one oopsy so he can pounce on it and bend that oops into fulfilling his law.  And he STILL doesn't pay me rent!  What a moocher!


At least I still have my sense of humor and still being a smarta**!