Stick a fork in me...

Blog Post created by minihorses on Mar 21, 2018

Just like the old saying goes, "Stick a fork in me, I'm done!" I think I've had about enough of this non-smoking life.  My life is way too stressful and depressing to care.  Yes, life happens whether we smoke or not.  So it can happen while I smoke just as well as when I don't. 

I won't go into the details as they are probably not helpful to anyone.  I won't worry about 'another day 1' because there won't be another quit until I suffocate from the very thing I'm running back to.  That's the future.  I don't think in terms of the future because there probably won't be much of one anyway due to the human race's inane lack of humanity of all things.  I think here and now.  I could be run over by a bus in 2 seconds.  If I'm miserable now then why should I spend the next 2 seconds of my life that way?  Why shouldn't I do what I want? If I don't get hit by a bus then it's a wash and I'm still happy.  Smoking until I choke in that last breath.  Alzheimer's runs in my family so I probably won't even be aware of my own name as I croak anyway. 

I have to wait til morning to go get smokes so I have a few hours to sit on this but I've been tossing it around for days and I just don't care about the downsides of it. At least I'm honest about it.  No excuses, I'm just done unless a friggin miracle occurs in the next 6 hours or so.