Another Soul Lost :(

Blog Post created by minihorses on Mar 16, 2018

My friend called today to tell me about a young man who lost his life last Friday.  He was the friend of her daughter in high school and they stayed in touch somewhat afterwards.  I knew him from being over to her house almost every day when our kids were younger as both our youngest boys were best friends. 

He and his family moved out of state to Nashville, TN a couple years or so ago.  He had a drug problem but when I knew him he only smoked marijuana.  I guess as he became an adult he got addicted to heroin.  His name was Cole Fox and he was 23 when he accidently overdosed on heroin last Friday.  My friend and her daughter hadn't talked to him in quite a while but he called them about 2 weeks ago.  He was going to go to one of the best rehab centers there is and had a good job lined up for when he would get out in 30 days.  He really wanted to get clean.  Apparently he wanted to have a 'last hurrah' with heroin last Friday before entering the rehab on Saturday.  His last hurrah unfortunately killed him.  What a horrible waste. 

Cole was a good soul and sweet but then I never knew him after he started using heroin.  My friend and her daughter both said it wouldn't have been so rough on them if they hadn't JUST talked to him a few days beforehand.  He was  pretty much out of touch after his family moved, until last week.  She and I had a good cry on the phone.  His funeral services will be held in TN so she and her daughter can't attend it.  

I have personally known 4 teens/early adults who died for nothing.  A girl I knew in high school died the summer after we graduated from driving drunk.  My nephew's best friend hung himself in his garage at the age of 17.  Another friend's son in the subdivision next to ours shot himself in his bedroom. And now Cole.  

Prayers for his family are being sent and I pray he is in the loving, forgiving hands of God.