I'm bummed

Blog Post created by minihorses on Jan 11, 2018

For years I have wanted to write.  I would love to have something published and I enjoy writing as you've all probably surmised.  Yesterday I got an email from the college my son is now attending that they have an online course available for a Beginning Writing Workshop.  I would LOVE to take it but after much thought as to what I need to do vs. what I want to do, the need to do's far overshadowed the want to do's.  I need to work on getting my 25 y.o. son with Asperger's some training or something to be able to get a job and learn how to live life more independently.  He did not graduate high school and two attempts at adult education failed miserably.  He doesn't want to get a GED right now either.  I'm still working with DSS to get his medicaid to continue.  He can't access the two resources to help him without it.  Due to my knee there are soooo many things around the house that have been neglected over the years and I have yet to start digging my way out.  So yes, I'm bummed.  I will just have to practice what few writing skills I have and use y'all as guinea pigs until they offer the course at some point in the future!  Sorry in advance for any crappy publication I may submit to you 



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