Santa got the wrong house?

Blog Post created by minihorses on Dec 24, 2017

 Santa came early this year. After checking all our Christmas lists we have determined that Santa must have brought these presents to the wrong house.  We all got the same thing too, which is weird enough, but we're positive we didn't ask for them.  We got:


1)   massive headaches

2)   stuffy/runny noses

3)   sore throats

4)   plugged ears

5)   coughing

6)   fatigue

7)   and if you were really good you got a fever and some chills in the stocking


Now we know it is a big time of year for the jolly old man and he has to turn off his cell phone and get ready for the long drive tonight so his answering service is picking up all his calls. So we'll have to wait until after Christmas to talk to him about the mixup. We definitely can't re-gift these either, that would be cruel. Maybe when he comes down the chimney tonight he'll realize his mistake and take these presents with him to put in the trash and leave us some of the things that were actually on our lists.  I'll have to leave a note on the cookie plate for him.  Next year we would all just like the 'ugly sweater' please! 

I hope this finds you ALL healthy and happy for Christmas and that wherever you are and whatever you do brings joy to you and your loved ones.  We will be enjoying the day before the birth of the savior with light hearts, happy smiles, hot lemon and honey tea (maybe a shot of booze should go in too?), curling up and watching a Christmas movie or two.  We still haven't watched "It's A Wonderful Life" or "Miracle On 34th Street" yet this year!

After I make a quiche for a friend, apple pie, and a cheesecake.....


Merry  Christmas Eve Everyone!