What a Wonderful Day Today

Blog Post created by minihorses on Dec 15, 2017

Today was a very busy but wonderful day. I read my post of "No Christmas This Year" and couldn't believe what a rotten mood I had gotten myself in just 11 days ago. Since my husband and sons brought me out of that by them going out on the front porch to put up the front garland and lights. With a refilled heart and a late start I have been doing Christmas stuff all week. I had to buy a couple more presents and got that done today. I got the tree all decorated except the bows I put on, I planned on making cut-out cookies but the kitchen was a disaster. We went to see Star Wars last night so we just ate and ran, totally worth it though. So I scrubbed down the kitchen, vacuumed and mopped the floor. It was after 2:00 when I finished and my knee was killing me. So I pulled what we affectionately call a 'classic Julie'. I thought that if I spent  all the time to clean it so we can cook pizza for dinner and have to do the floor again to get up the cat hair, wipe down the counters, etc.  Hell no, I went ahead and made those cookies!  So there I stood for a couple hours and rolled dough, cut cookies, baked, repeat.  I never even noticed that my knee had gone numb until I started cleaning up the mess.  OOPS, not the first time and won't be the last. It was actually weird only in the fact that just standing there caused it to feel like I had put a lot of strain on it. I cleaned up the kitchen. This day was enjoyable, even cleaning the kitchen and knee part of it, it was almost relaxing. My how things can change in just 10 days!  


Then I realized that this could equate to the first 10 days of quitting for some people, myself at the top of that list. When you first put out that last cigarette (or whatever your nicotine of choice was) you start telling yourself that you know you need to quit so you want to, but you really doubt that the quit will last too long.  You'll miss it too much.  You can't cope with it all for a day. Then you find someone to help you through next couple of days. a quit buddy and/or you can be guided by the Ex community and start to feel more positive about quitting.  Then you start to make changes to your way if thinking and get more active in your quit. You've got much more confidence, are happier, and say to yourself "lets go for it".  Then make cookies 


I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday!


Julie  47 precious DOF