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Hi I am Melissa. I have 2 daugthers they are Elizabeth 17 and Faith 14. I am married to Lance. We both quit smoking. He is a week after me cause we tried quitting at the same time and it didn't work. He quit cause his job was suppose to go to non smoking. They changed their minds. I quit cause Faith came to me and said she was going to smoke when she got big just like me. All you mommas know that hurts to hear your kid say they are going to do something like you and you know it isn't a good thing. So I quit. I was wanting to quit but she gave me the extra push I needed. I am so glad she did. I feel so much better now.

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I dont want your excuses. If you dont wanna quit then dont. It is your life and your choice to smoke or not. If you really want to then you will with no excuses. I know. How? Cause I did the excuse way too. I would "quit" then something would happen and it was so bad I went back to smoking. Truth was I didnt want to then. When I finally decided I am done with smoking. I have dealt with things that normally I would smoke to deal with it.HAHA But I am smoke free now. And you know something it isnt that hard to deal with it. Honestly I now think... damn what was I thinking? The cigs didnt help me with stress. Man I was so stupid. There isnt an excuse to go back to smoking. I havent found one of the excuses I use to say be true yet. Sorry if all that seemed mean I am not trying to be just being honest with ya. If you dont like honesty then you might not wanna talk to me.


This is for you my dear Aunt JO. RIP..I love and miss you but I know you and God are giving me the strength I need to not smoke.Aunt Jean I know you are watching over me too... Get your temper going and help me not to smoke again. PLEASE I love you.

Giraffes Pictures, Images and Photos

My Mimi loved giraffes. SO this is for her. She was so proud of me for quittting so this will make me think of her on the days I feel weak and will make me strong. Love ya always Mimis.


image this as nothing to do with cigs. but is how I feel and on today I feel it is a good time to put it up. support troops Pictures, Images and Photos


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